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Flowers for a Funeral

Throughout history, flowers for a funeral have played an important role in funeral customs. Their fragrant beauty and comforting qualities serve as a herald of hope reminding us of the spirit of life. In ancient times, tradition called for the use flowers and herbs to anoint the bodies of the deceased, while aromatic flowers and plants were used to decorate the burial site. Today, flowers for funerals remain one of the most beautiful ways to express condolences. During times of sorrow, buy funeral flowers - send a message of hope when it's needed most.

No matter when you hear the news, buy funeral flowers - it's always appropriate. You can choose to arrange a funeral flower delivery to the funeral home or to the home of family members. If you need to send funeral flowers out-of-town, there are many funeral florists available to assist you with funeral flower arrangements. When arranging a funeral flower deliver to the funeral or memorial services, request that the local florist process the arrangement "according to local customs." They will then send the style of design that is best suited for the service.

If you receive a copy of the obituary and it states "In lieu of flowers," yet would like to send flowers, it is okay to do so. Sympathy flowers are appropriate in these types of situations. Many people choose to send a token of remembrance to the service or family home as well as a donation to any charity if requested.

In a business setting where it is customary to take up a collection, you can sign the card being used with the funeral flowers with the business name or department or individual names. Try to keep the list as concise as possible. You may want to get a larger sympathy card for everyone to sign as the contributions are being collected. The card can then be brought to the funeral florist and attached to the funeral flower arrangement.

Almost every flower, when tastefully arranged, is appropriate for expressing sympathy. For funeral floral arrangements that are going to a memorial or funeral service, larger flowers are usually used to create dramatic tributes. These might include standard chrysanthemums, gladioli, carnations, roses, snapdragons and lilies. Smaller scaled flowers in mid to small size designs are usually sent to the home. These may include roses, carnations, lilies, daisies, spray roses, alstroemeria, liatris, delphinium and stock. You can also view flower meanings to attach a special symbolism or intention to your gift. For specific ideas on what to send, please refer to the following:

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