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Funeral Urn

Funeral Urn A funeral urn is a container used to hold cremated remains. It can be placed in a columbarium or mausoleum, or buried in the ground. Several options are available when choosing a funeral cremation urn. The most common confusion comes when trying to select the appropriate size urn.

Selecting the Correct Size

Funeral Urn The capacity of cremation urns are measured in cubic inches. In order to select the correct size of the cremation container, calculating the volume needed is quite simple. For instance, if a person weighs 180 pounds at the time of cremation, they will require an urn 180 cubic inches or larger. Similarly, if a pet weighs 30 pounds at the time of cremation, they will require a funeral urn 30 cubic inches or larger.

In addition to the size of the cremation urn, it is also important to know where the funeral urn will be located for final placement. If the urn will be in a niche or columbarium, you need to know the exact space that is available in terms of length, width and height. If the cremation urn is being purchased for burial you need to know what burial urn vaults are available. These decision can be made with the assistance of a funeral service provider

Types of Funeral Urns

Below are some common urns:

    Cremation Jewelry

    Funeral Urn Cremation jewelry is designed to hold either a small portion of remains, or to hold the entire remains of an infant or small animal. Families will commonly choose to use cremation jewelry as keepsake memorials which several family members can keep with them. These types of keepsakes are commonly referred to as portion or sharing urns. The typical capacity of cremation jewelry is between 1 and 50 cubic inches.

    Individual Urns

    Funeral Urn Individual size funeral cremation urns are the most common size urn available today. The capacity size is generally 200 cubic inches or greater when choosing an urn for an individual adult. It is important to remember that for every 1 pound at time of cremation there will be 1 cubic inch of cremains. This means if a person is 150 pounds at time of cremation they will require an urn at least 150 cubic inches. Choosing an urn larger then the minimum required size is acceptable and some families choose larger urns in order that other keepsakes or mementos can be placed inside.

    Companion Urns (aka Double Urns or Double Inurnment)

    Funeral Urn Companion Urns are designed to hold the remains of up to two adult individuals. The volume for these urns is typically 400 - 500+ cubic inches. Companion urns are commonly used for couples that make the decision to be together after passing. Many families will choose to purchase a companion urn before both couples have passed.

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