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Welcome to the Funerals and Flowers Blog! This blog is designed to keep you up-to-date with any additions and modifications to pages on the Funerals and Flowers website so that you are constantly kept up to date with information about the funeral process. Whether it is the latest legislation regarding society and death or online merchants offering affordable caskets for preordering needs, or a 25% discount coupon for a funeral floral arrangement sprays or casket beds, you can find the latest info here.

The blog will also provided you with information on the various types of funerals practiced, both in the Eastern and Western parts of the World. Envision a hip New Orleans Jazz funeral session, complete with compelling and lively "mardi graesque" photos, or become engulfed in the somberness of the customs and traditions exhibited by an Asian or Islamic burial rituals. Become appalled at the extremities and violence of the Viking ritual as it is performed to mourn the death of a Viking. In addition to reading about the historical aspects of funeral customs, get the latest money saving information about funeral planning, pre-planning, financing options, as well as other funeral related resources.

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New Items/Updates

Death and Funeral Customs

Death and funeral customs vary widely between cultures, and between the religious affiliations within those cultures. Learn more.

Continue reading "Death and Funeral Customs"

Funerals and Flowers

Don't fall victim to funeral scams - at Funerals and Flowers learn how to get quality funeral products and services without overspending

Continue reading "Funerals and Flowers"

Funeral Planning

If you need funeral planning assistance, there are several groups available to assist you

Continue reading "Funeral Planning"

Funeral Flower Delivery

Use funeral flower delivery services to offer expressions of sympathy and to comfort.

Continue reading "Funeral Flower Delivery"

Funeral Preparations

Funeral preparations includes being familiar with such options as embalming, cremation, crypts, vaults, plots and much more. Also learn your rights as it relates to some services offered.

Continue reading "Funeral Preparations"

Average Funeral Cost

Learn about the different types of funerals available, the average funeral cost and your rights under federal law.

Continue reading "Average Funeral Cost"

Planning a Funeral

When planning a funeral, many of us use the services of funeral homes - but this is not a requirement. Learn how to purchase wisely when using these services.

Continue reading "Planning a Funeral"

Funeral Guide

Before you purchase any item or service for a funeral, use this funeral guide to familiarize yourself with the FTC Funeral Rule.

Continue reading "Funeral Guide"

Funeral Urn

An individual sized funeral urn is the most common size urn available today. The capacity size is generally 200 cubic inches or greater.

Continue reading "Funeral Urn"

Princess Diana Funeral

The Princess Diana funeral drew an estimated 3 million people in London, and over two billion television viewers worldwide.

Continue reading "Princess Diana Funeral"

Princess Diana Death

The Princess Diana death would shock the world and place us in a state of grief and mourning.

Continue reading "Princess Diana Death"

Princess Diana Photos

Princess Diana photos can be seen as a picturesque timeline. From the fairy tale wedding to the horrible car accident, ths photos spoke volumes, without sound.

Continue reading "Princess Diana Photos"

Princess Diana Biography

This Princess Diana Biography looks at her early life and rise to become one of the most adored members of the British royal family.

Continue reading "Princess Diana Biography"

Gambino Crime Family

As head of the Gambino Crime family, John Gotti captured public attention like no mobster since Al Capone.

Continue reading "Gambino Crime Family"

The Teflon Don

The Teflon Don was a street capo until he orchestrated the 1985 murder of his predecessor,

Continue reading "The Teflon Don"

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