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The tradition of choosing flowers for funerals to adorn the funeral casket is typically reserved for the closest family members - the children, spouse and/or siblings of the deceased. If you are not a member of the immediate family and wish to buy funeral flowers to be placed on the casket, you should speak with the family beforehand.

Funeral flower arrangements designed to sit on top of the casket, or casket spray, is available in two types. A lid or full-couch spray, extends the length of the casket, while a foot or half-couch spray, is shorter and used for a half-open casket during the funeral or memorial service. The style and design of the spray and its flowers is entirely your decision.

Many people are comfortable with classic, traditional designs, while others desire a more personalized tribute based upon a particular theme. For instance, a rustic, natural spray may be ordered for the outdoorsman, while an abundance of bright flowers may be more suitable for a person who loved to garden. Below are some examples of casket flowers for funerals:

White Casket Spray

Simple and Stunning Designs

Pure white flowers coupled with deep green foliage always make a beautiful, reverent focal point for a funeral service. White Orchids, a symbol of love, beauty and wisdom can be used as the focal point. A classic tribute with an added note of sophistication.

White Casket Spray

Lovely and Reverent Designs

A mixture of fresh white flowers, which represent humility, purity and truth. White flowers are a lovely choice to express everlasting love and reverence. This type of traditional spray usually includes carnations representing beauty, larkspur for an open heart and lisianthus for love.
Baby Casket Spray

Warm and Bright Designs

Use these types of designs for a youth casket - imparting warmth and vitality on an otherwise somber occasion. A lovely white and yellow palette of blooms, this sympathy arrangement pays tribute to a life that was short lived with joy and hope. The spray could feature chrysanthemums for fidelity and gerbera daisies for innocence, bound with a bright yellow ribbon. This design is a lovely choice to convey a message of life, faith and optimism.
Timeless Love Bouquet

Comfort and Solace Designs

This design would offer a mix of fresh flowers - a collection of nature’s most comforting and soothing hues to impart warmth and tenderness. The color peach is an excellent choice. Decorated with gerbera daisies which symbolizing loyalty, larkspur for ardent attachment, lilies for virtue and roses for everlasting love, this design is sure to soothe.
Pink and Peach Carnations

Soft and Pretty

This design is a beautiful tribute to a favorite woman (mother, grandmother, sister, aunt, friend), who brought joy and spirit to the lives of those around her. The feminine design could include a gorgeous mix of light and dark pink carnations, a flower that symbolizes beauty. This is classic arrangement is a bright and would make a pleasing focal point.

No matter which flowers for funerals arrangement you choose, make certain the funeral florist adheres to high standards for freshness, beauty and personal attention. During this difficult time, you should expect that your condolences will be delivered with special thought and care.

You can shop for Casket Sprays, and other funeral flower arrangements, through these merchants.  If you wish to send sympathy flowers to the home of the family members of the deceased, you can view appropriate designs here. Also view the variety of floral arrangements available for a funeral and/or memorial service.

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