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Funerals and Flowers Sitemap

Sitemap - The Funeral Process

Funerals and Flowers Homepage - Don't fall victim to funeral scams - at Funerals and Flowers learn how to get quality funeral products and services without overspending.

Checklist for Funeral Arrangements - This checklist for funeral arrangements can help to make the process of funeral planning simple for you when making final preparations for a dearly departed.

The Funeral Guide - Before you purchase any item or service for a funeral, use this funeral guide to familiarize yourself with the FTC Funeral Rule.

Funeral Ideas - What type of funeral service should you have? Consider these funeral ideas before deciding.

Average Funeral Cost - Learn about the different types of funerals available, the average funeral cost and your rights under federal law.

Low Cost Funerals - Low cost funerals financing options: pre-need insurance policies, bank or funeral trusts, life insurance, annuities and more.

Planning a Funeral - When planning a funeral, many of us use the services of funeral homes - but this is not a requirement. Learn how to purchase wisely when using the services of a funeral home.

Funeral Preparations - Funeral preparations includes being familiar with such options as embalming, cremation, crypts, vaults, plots and much more. Also learn your rights as it relates to some services offered.

Funeral Planning Checklist - Make copies of this page for each funeral service provider to compare funeral expenses.

Funeral Homes - Database of funeral homes in the United States.

Local Funeral Homes - Local funeral homes provide services which include guiding the family to making referrals on behalf of the family.

Funeral Assistance - Here you can find funeral assistance to help you resolve problems with funeral homes or services received.

Funeral Planning - If you need funeral planning assistance, there are several groups available to assist you.

Sitemap - Funeral Products

Burial Caskets - When advertising burial caskets, manufacturers offer features that they claim will protect the body. This is far from the truth.

Discount Caskets - Following are some discount caskets available for purchase online.

Funeral Urn - An individual sized funeral urn is the most common size urn available today. The capacity size is generally 200 cubic inches or greater.

Flowers for a Funeral - Flowers for a funeral service are living memorials to the deceased. If you have missed the service, you should still send flowers to the family home.

Funeral Flower Delivery - Use funeral flower delivery services to offer expressions of sympathy and to comfort.

Flowers for Funeral - Choosing flowers for funeral and memorial services is easy using this simple guide.

Funeral Flower Types - A funeral flower florist can help you choose the best flowers as a meaningful gesture.

Flowers for Funerals - Find the best types of flowers for funerals to be used as casket sprays for a funeral or memorial service.

Funeral Gifts - In addition to flowers, other funeral gifts can include such items as gift baskets, frames, and keepsakes for the bereaved.

Cheap Funeral Flowers - Cheap funeral flowers can be purchased online by merchants like 1800 Flowers, FTD and

Sitemap - Funeral Customs & Traditions

Death and Funeral Customs - Death and funeral customs vary widely between cultures, and between the religious affiliations within those cultures.

Military Funeral - A dignified military funeral is provided by the Department of Defense program entitled "Honoring Those Who Served".

Jewish Funerals - Many Jewish funerals are based upon a combination of traditional custom and religious obligation based on the Torah and rabbinic texts.

Islamic Funerals - Islamic Funerals involve the custom of the body remaining untouched for three days.

Chinese Funerals - Chinese funerals for elders follows a prescribed form befitting the deceased's status, age, etc. and must be performed even if it places a financial hardship on the family.

Japanese Funeral - A Japanese funeral in the Buddhist style make up the vast majority of Japanese funerals today and were generally performed in what was historically the Soto Zen style.

Buddhist Funeral - A Buddhist funeral is based on the belief that death is the moment when the deceased is transitioning to a new mode of existence within the round of rebirths.

Viking Funeral - Thralls were often sacrificed during a viking funeral so that they could serve their master in the next world.

Hindu Funerals - In preparation of hindu funerals, these rituals are performed to prepare the deceased for the afterlife.

Jazz Funeral - A popular New Orleans jazz funeral tune is New Second Line most memorable in the James Bond movie Live and Let Die.

Funeral Ceremonies - Funeral ceremonies can be divided into three areas: the wake, the service and the burial in many cultural groups and regions.

Funeral Cremation - Learn the questions to ask when choosing a funeral cremation service; read about different religious views on cremation.

Sitemap - Celebrity Funerals

Aaliyah - The Aaliyah funeral was one of the most difficult events to write about. Many of us continue to hurt when we think about losing the R&B princess at such a young age. Aaliyah's death was a moment filled with a tremendous amount of sadness and disbelief.

Sitemap - Privacy, Disclosures, Contact Info

Privacy Policy - The privacy policy of discloses what information we gather and how we use it.

Disclosure Statement - The disclosure statement provides information about our sponsors and affiliate relationships.

Contact Us - You can contact us using the Funerals and Flowers contact page.

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